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The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (the “Commission”) has initiated a market inquiry into the Pay Television Services market in Zambia in terms of Part V of the Competition and Consumer Protection Act No. 24 of 2010 (“the Act”) and Part III of the Regulations and in keeping with the purpose and functions of the Commission as set out in objectives of the Act and in Section 2 of the Act.

A market inquiry is a tool used by the Commission to closely examine the general state of competition within a market. The Inquiry will cover all relevant players in the Pay Television Services value chain who contribute to or influence the market of Pay Television Services in Zambia.

The Commission now invites any and all stakeholders who wish to participate in this Inquiry to make formal submissions to the Commission. Kindly note that “stakeholders” include state and non-state actors who in one way or the other have an interest, influence or concern in the Pay Television Services market and includes but is not limited to Consumers, Service Providers, Regulators, Researchers and Academicians to name a few.

The submissions must be in line with the Rules of Procedure for the Pay Television Services Market Inquiry. The Rules of Procedure as stipulated by Regulation 5(1) and 5(2) of the Competition and Consumer Protection Regulations 97 of 2011 can be accessed on the Commission’s website .

The Inquiry will include but will not be limited to:

 Market structure;
 The general adequacy and impact of the current regulatory regime;
 Market behaviour by pay television providers;
 The adequacy of regulations to promote new entrants;
 Benchmark Zambian pay television pricing against those of other countries; and
 Establish whether pay television services quality and coverage is adequate by international standards and the country’s developmental needs.

Submissions should not be limited to the specific issues identified and may be extended to other issues which may be relevant to the Inquiry, and which may impact the Pay Television Services market by businesses, government, and consumers in Zambia. All submissions should be as detailed and where possible supported with documentary evidence.

Feedback should be via a questionnaire using the link(s) below;

Professional Associations



Industry players

Other information you may deem relevant but not covered by the questionnaire can be submitted to the Commission via email on:

The deadline for all submissions is 15th April 2023.

Brian M. Lingela

Acting Executive Director

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