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CCPC Warns False Sellers of Products Purporting to Cure Coronavirus


The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) is warning all companies and individuals that are selling products not medically tested and approved for treatment or prevention of the Coronavirus.

This concern comes after CCPC received a warning from the COMESA Competition Commission (CCC) that all companies and individuals perpetrating such conduct are liable to punishment pursuant to Article 27 of the COMESA Competition Commission regulations which include sanctions of up to USD 300,000

Considering the forgoing epidemic, CCPC is advising consumers in the common market to exercise caution by ensuring that they look out for such scams and report any suspicions to the CCPC or the Ministry of Health (MoH) on the toll free lines 5678 and 909 respectively.

Further, consumers are advised to follow advice on prevention of the corona Virus from the relevant institution’s websites such as the Ministry of Health (MoH), World Health Organization (WHO), Centre for Diseases and Prevention (CDC) including their local public authorities. 

Rainford Mutabi

Rainford Mutabi

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